24RQ 1PC vysokej kvality veverička vlasy drevenou rukoväťou, farby, štetce umelecké umenie akvarel štetec, pero na kreslenie


Štítky: sieťky, kreslenie, el kefy, štetcom maľovať, haiyore nyarukosan, pictur, kefa značku, kefa akvarel, farba watercolour, umenie maľovať, farba.

  • Názov Značky: artsecret
  • Vlasy Materiál: Zmiešané Vlasy
  • Číslo Modelu: 24RQ
  • Rozpustné Alebo Nie: farba
  • Druh: Štetec
  • Balenie: PVC
  • Veľkosť: 24RQ
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Viesť Tvrdosť: B
  • Rukoväť Materiál: Drevo
  • Vek: >8 ROKOV

Č. 0 ,dĺžka vlasov /20.5 mm, šírka vlasov /4.5 mm

#1, dĺžka vlasov /22.5 mm, šírka vlasov /5,5 mm

#2, dĺžka vlasy /25 mm , šírka vlasov /7mm

#3, dĺžka vlasov /27 mm, šírka vlasov /8,5 mm

#4, dĺžka vlasov /29mm, dĺžka vlasov /9,5 mm

#5, dĺžka vlasov /32mm, šírka vlasov /11 mm

#6 ,dĺžka vlasov /35.5 mm, šírka vlasov /12mm

#7 dĺžka vlasov /39 mm , šírka vlasov /13mm

#8 dĺžka vlasov /41mm, šírka vlasov /14 mm

#10, dĺžka vlasov /43mm, výška vlasov /15mm

#12 ,dĺžka vlasov /45 mm, šírka vlasov /16 mm

#14, dĺžka vlasov /47mm, šírka vlasov /17 mm

#16 ,dĺžka vlasov /49 mm, šírka vlasov /18 mm

#18, dĺžka vlasov /51mm, šírka vlasov /19 mm

#20 ,dĺžka vlasov/53 mm , šírka vlasov /20mm

"Brushes were delivered to Ukraine for 10 days. Since the order, new mail courier, packing is carton box + film + plastic hard cases. Wonderful brushes, hair at first use did not shed, and then time will show. The brushes were very much impregnated with the composition from the manufacturer, had to be washed well with soap. The brushes are good and get a lot of water, perfectly give away the paint, the tip is super thin. To the touch pile as natural columns-something elastic, it's not pure protein, the protein is much softer. Landscape (sheet size 17*24 cm) is written mainly by brush #4, its tip even small details well prescribed. Differences of #3 wooden brush from #4 bamboo brush there is no other than finishing the handle and size of the brush. The pile is the same. I regret that I did not buy a set of 4 sizes at once, it would be much more profitable. The smaller size of the brush is more obedient, but it is on a small sheet format, for A4 size, a3 and more #4 size will be just right. The dimensions of the brushes correspond to the description."
"Боже, как же обожаю ваши кисти! Мой самый любимый магазин, шикарные кисти, впитывают много воды и пигмента, при этом дают тончающую линию. Так как это белка ещё и отлично вытягивают краску и пигмент из влажной бумаги. Отличнейшие кисти, волшебные палочки в мире живописи! Спасибо большое! "
Chenxing Xu2020-08-25
"Кисть очень большая, то что надо, хорошо распределяет краску и воду. Брала н.6"
Pavlo Pontios2020-10-11
"Nice brushes. Not so nice seller. An entire two number of articles were missing from the package I received, which definitely took its time to make its way to me."

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